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Heimidlarlisti um jarðfræði Austurlands/ Reference list of the geology of East Iceland



Resarch at lake Askja after landslide from 21th July:

A geologist from Breiðdalssetur went to lake Askja on 30th of July to take a further look on the landslide and the tsunami wave marks of the 21th July. The weather was northerly wind, rain and snow with short (<5min) periods of sunshine. The mountain tops were permanently in clouds.
A selection of picture which were taken are here with descriptions
With a pH & EC meter from Náttúrustofa Austurlands, the pH and conductivity in Víti and Öskjuvatn were measured:

Öskjuvatn, Ólafsgígar 65,0365°N/16,7878°W
T 1,9°C
pH 7,88
conductivity 643 µS/cm

Víti 65,047°N/16,7249°W
T 23,4°C
pH 3,19
conductivity 1325 µS/cm