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Breiðdalssetur í Helgustaðanámu í þættinum "Að austan" frá 17.11.2016



Breiðdalssetur á Landkönnunarhátíð á Húsavík

Glærur erindis 23. okt.

Breiðdalssetur þakkar Könnunarsögusafnið (The Exploration Museum) á Húsavík kærlega fyrir einstakt tækifari að kynna stofnunin alþjóðalega. 

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Walker's footage digitalized

Project Viscous shape. A professional artist team is working a continious film with the material. Their words after one week work with the material:

"It takes more than guts to peer into an erupting volcano... Or to stand beside a river of lava moving at 40mph... Or to gaze at a cloud of tephra larger than any skyscraper. It could even be said that in doing these things it's not just the earth's stomach that you witness but your own insides, your human guts and sense of scale. During the later years of his life, George Walker turned to investigating active volcanos as a way to perpetuate and develop the then little-known science of rheology (the study of fluid dynamics). Walker used cinematic technologies to record his rigorous explorations of lava flow, and only now have his films been rediscovered and preserved for the public to share in his life's work. With an eye for the unlikely and ineffable, artists Curtis Tamm (USA) and Hermione Spriggs (UK) reopen the unseen cinematic and textual archives of George Walker. Through a collaboration with Breiðdalssetur, geology center, the artists work with Walker's archive as a way to engage the literal and metaphysical implications raised by the groundbreaking work of this scarcely known geologist."

"Supported by the Arts Council England International Development Fund"


Download the 30 sec teaser hereViscous shape


Breiðdalssetur á The Explorers Festival, 23. okt Húsavík

img 0719-650x433 

NÚTÍMINN KNÝR DYRA- Málþing 27.8.2016



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