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The Icelandic Institute of Natural History and its drill core archive

The Drill core archive of Iceland is owned by the Icelandic Institute of Natural History. The offices of the institution are in Garðabær and Akureyri (Starfsstöðvar Náttúrufræðistofnunar Íslands) and he drill core library is in Breiðdalsvík in collaboration with Breiðdalssetur.

NI  Reports about the status of the project "drill core archive in Breiðdalsvík 2015-2017: 1 3 Breiddalssetur LR

2016 (1) - 2016 (2) - 2017

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The drill core archive in the media

-N4-television channel was filming in august 2017 for the series „Að austan“, unsure is if or when the contribution will be presented.

-Morgunbaðið, news article, Dec. 19th 2016:

-RÚV-television, series „Landinn“ fom May 1st 2016, filmed end of April 2016. ISLAND I KÖSSUM (Iceland in boxes)

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-Morgunbaðið, news article, June 13th 2015:

-Austurfrétt, news article, June 11th 2015:

-RÚV, news article, June 11th 2015:

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Open house at drill core archive May 19th 2017 and the IRDP core

borkjarnasafn opi hus 19 5 17 bvoOpen house was at the Drill core archive of  Náttúrufræðistofnun Íslands (NÍ) at Breiðdalsvík, Friday May 19th 2017 from 12-18. The event was in collaboration between NÍ and Breiðdalssetur. The drill cores of Iceland were moved from Akureyi in 2015 into the old slaughter house.

The staff was complete there: Dr. Birgir Óskarsson (geologist in charge for NÍ), Martin Gasser (geologist at  and Breiðdalssetur in Breiðdalsvík) and the technician Hrafnkell Hannesson.

PICTURES of the event.

The institutioGlymufjns were specially pleased to be able to show one of the most famous drill core of Iceland, the IRDP- core (Iceland Research Drilling Project), 1919 m long, taken in 1978 in Reyðarfjörður. The core was stored in Reyðarfjörður since then and was finally moved to its final destination, Breiðdalsvík, at the beginning of this month. Glímufélagið from Reyðarfjörður carried the heavy boxes out of the basement of the Stríðsárasafn museum (World War II) (picture on the left), becaus it was not possible to go down with a lift car. Thanks a lot for their help!! Also we would like to thank the community of  Fjarðabyggð for the collaboration and help to move the core to Breiðdalsvík)

HERE you can read more about the drilling of the core. The guest in honour of the event was Dr. Jóhann Helgason, geologist at the National Land Survey (Landmælingar Íslands), who was working with the IRDP-core during the drilling process in 1978.

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Left: Persons that were important for the realisation for bringing the archive to Breiðdalsvik. Right: The staff of NÍ and Breiðdalssetur with the guest in honour Jóhann Helgason.

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Left: Locals looking at the archive for the first time. Right: Geologists looking at the IRDP core.

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IRDP (Iceland Research Drilling Project) core - data

IRDP core summaries 1 001  IRDP core summaries 1 003  IRDP core summaries 1 007  pdf-documents: PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4

  Log books as pdf from 1978 here below  IRDP detailed core log volume 1001 001  IRDP detailed core log volume 1001 012

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