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First geological guidebook of East Iceland

The first geological book about East Iceland  is in progress and will be published as soon as possible. The book is in English and its title is „A Guidebook to the Geology of East Iceland“. The size is A5 and it has around 140 pages. Its publisher is Breiðdalssetur ses in Breiðdalsvík. The main author is the geologist Martin Gasser who was curator at Breiðdassetur 2012–2018. Co-authours are five:Christa M. Feucht, executive manager of Breiðdalsseturs 2012–2018; Þorvaldur Þórðarson, professor in geology at the University of Iceland and member of the head of Breiðdalsseturs since 2012; Leó Kristjánsson, geophysicist emeritus at the University of Iceland; Jóhann Helgasothe n, geologist at Landmælingum Íslands and Lúðvík E.Gústafsson, geolgoist at Sambandi íslenskrasveitarfélaga.At

Article in Glettingur 70 about the publication of the book (Icelandic)

handbok1inngang page001 566x800  Sill.IMGP9869 6

Left: Cover page of the book. Right: Picture from the book, showing a sill intruding the regular lava pile above Breiðdalsvík.

To order the book contcat This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., you can also buy a digital copy.

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Fossil life forms in jasper (chert) from Breiðdalur valley

 EANA05posterX3 Kopie  17 jaspis 136 martin Kopie von smatindarflguaich

Left: Poster about the topic on a congress in 2005. Middle: Jasper (chert) from Breiðdalur valley. Right: C. Feucht mapping the geology and chert locations in Breiðdalur valley close to Flögufoss in 2004.

Article in Glettingur 2009 by Helgi Hallgrímsson (Icelandic)          Article in Austurglugginn, Sept 1st 2017 by C. Feucht (Icelandic)

Presentations hold at Breiðdalssetur by Christa M. Feucht, researcher of the subject: 2014 og 2017

Abstract of the MSc. thesis C. Feucht, 2006               For more information contact christa(at)

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Porposal for Breiðdalur volcano Geopark

Breiddalseldstod snid

Picture by Martin Gasser 2016, with information from Walker 1963

Breiðdalur volcano was an active volcano around 9 millon years ago. It is situated between Berufjörður and Breiðdalur valley. Ice age glaciers eroded the landscape strongly. That makes it possible to see inside the extinct volcano. Report for proposed Geopark area here (the report is partly in English)

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Norðfjarðargöng tunnel 2013-2017

 M6D5001 web   Norðfjarðargöngin tunnel opened, November 11th 2017 CONGRATULATIONS EAST ICELAND! 

Picture by Jens Einarsson

Nfg lokid



 EXHIBITION OF NORÐFJARÐARGÖNG TUNNEL - MODELL 1:1000 at Breiðdalssetur together with samples from the tunnel June 2017

Nordfjgong095  Nordfjgong096

Exhibition about Norðfjarðargöng tunnel, section through the mountain in scale 1:1000 with rock samples from the tunnel exhibited at Breiðdalssetur

Article in Glettingur 68, júlí 2017. Norðfjarðargöng, Walker and the geology of East Iceland for 60 years, by staff of Breiðdalssetur   Glettingur 68


SAMPLING IN NORÐFJARÐARGÖNG tunnel, August 7th 2014 Vegagerðin and Breiðdalsseturin collaboration for sampling rock of the tunnel section, kept at Breiðdlassetur for further research. The research for the tunnel construction is built on research done by George P.L. Walker and his students. The staff of  Breiðdalssetur is organizing and taking samples regularly in the tunnel.

Sýnisskrá úr göngunum, tekin 2014-2016


Christa Maria Feucht, executive manager and geologist at Breiðdalssetur on the first sampling trip in the tunnel in the beginning of August 2014. Picture by Ófeigur Örn Ófeigsson/Hnit verkfræðistofa hf.


Article about um Walker and Norðfjarðagöng tunnel in magazine  "Austurland" from July 4th 2013 by Arna Silja Jóhannsdóttir 

feldbk holafjall 1957 Holafjall Ofeigur

Left: Drawing from the 1957 field book of GPL Walker, showing Holafjall mountain in Fannardalur. Right: Picutre of Holafjall mountain, showing the working area of Norðfjarðgöng tunnel, northern part in Fannardalur, picture byr Ófeigur Ö. Ófeigsson HNIT.


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Caves in East Iceland

Geologist of Breiðdalssetur measured and mapped three caves in East Iceland by wish of locals: Skriðnahellir close to Borgarfjörður eystri in May 2016, Þjófahola in Álftafjörður in June 2016 and a cave on Fljótsdalsheiði in September 2017. Martin Gasser is an experienced speleologist. The results are visible below:

SKRIÐNAHELLIR in Njárðvík bay close to Borgarfjörður eystri

skridnahellir planskridna combined skridnahellir 23 5 16   

Video by Hlýnur Sveinsson who grave the cave up. It disappeared under a landslide 20 years ago.

Ruv article from May 23rd 2016 


 ÞJÓFAHOLA in Álftafjörður

thjofaholathjofahola alftafj thjofahola lodrett  teikna thjofahola

Ruv article from July 16th 2016           Article on homepage of Djúpavogshreppur community

 "Expedition videos" by Andrés Skúlason":

Þjófahola Álftafirði Djúpavogshreppi 5 juní´2016 1 þáttur part 1   -   Þjófahola 2 þáttur Martin sígur niður part 2  

Þjófahola 3 þáttur part 3  -   Þjófahola uppdráttur ferðalok part 4

Article in East Iceland magazine Glettingur 22 (2000) - Sigið í Þjófaholu í Álftafirði - by Þorsteinn Þorsteinsson

Cave on Fljótsdalsheiði, Fljótsdalshérað

 Data following

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Fossils in Iceland

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Virtual field trips East Iceland with Thor Thordarson

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Articles by staff of Breiðdalssetur in East Iceland magazine "Glettingur"

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Publications by George P.L. Walker, East Iceland

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Volcanic centers of East Iceland

Walker 1957 East Iceland litir  Gudmundsson 2015  Eldst

By Walker 1959                       By Guðmundsson 2015                    Drawing by Martin Gasser 2015

Volcanic centres East Iceland information collection

Chapters about volcanoes in East Iceland in books of Ferðafélag Íslands by Hjörleifur Guttormsson 2002 product 11 og 2005 Guttormsson2005

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Volcanic eruption at Holuhraun

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Reference list of the geology of East Iceland


       List as pdf here




           Picture taken from Súlur mountains between Stöðvarfjarður and Breiðdalsvík.

          Looked to the south, by M. Gasser.

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Huge landslide and tsunami at Askja, July 21st 2014

skrida Askja  Flodbylgja Askja
Left: Upper picture shows the area of the landslide in Askja 3 days before the flood. Lower picture is taken 4 hours after the the landslide. The red line shows the outline. Picture by Ármann Höskuldsson / Jón Kristinn Helgason.
Right: The landslide was producing probably 4 tsunami waves in lake Askja. Luckily the hazard happened at night, when noone was around, picture by ​Gunn­ar Víðis­son.
A geologist from Breiðdalssetur went to lake Askja on 30th of July to take a further look on the landslide and the tsunami wave marks of the 21th July.
With a pH & EC meter from Náttúrustofa Austurlands, the pH and conductivity in Víti and Öskjuvatn were measured:
askja 30 7 14  IMGP0353  IMGP0256  IMGP0196
A selection of picture which were taken are here.

Öskjuvatn, Ólafsgígar 65,0365°N/16,7878°W                   Víti 65,047°N/16,7249°W
T 1,9°C                                                                                T 23,4°C
pH 7,88                                                                                pH 3,19
Conductivity 643 µS/cm                                                      Conductivity 1325 µS/cm
The weather was northerly wind, rain and snow with short (<5min) periods of sunshine. The mountain tops were permanently in clouds.


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