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Symposium and exhibition opening in honour to Dr. Stefán Einarsson, June 11th 2011

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Program and presentations 

CV of lecturers (Icelandic) here

Overview presentaions here

13:00 Start   Páll Baldursson text here (Icelandic)

Páll Baldursson

Life of Stefán Einarsson and his home Höskuldsstaðir in Breiðdalur valley

Vésteinn Ólason

Literary research of Stefán Einarsson (Icelandic) Bókmenntarannsóknir Stefáns Einarssonar

Research methods of Stefán Einarsson 

14:30-15:30 Break

Coffe and cake at Hótel Bláfell ISK 1.500 kr & Stone Museum "Steinasafnið í Breiðdal" open

15:30 2nd part

Svavar Sigmundsson

Grammar work of Stefán Einarsson and his collection of local and topographical names in East Iceland

Smári Ólason

Presentation of national song collection of Stefán Einarsson

17:00 Exhibition opened and formal hand over of belongings of Stefan Einarsson by his inheritors